Class of 2029
(Central Illinois)

1. Khamari Riddick

Khamari Riddick 2029 This kids loves the game. He’s a highly skilled player and plays with a lot of heart. He showed no weaknessat the IYBE Showcase. Getting it done on both ends of the floor at a very high level.

2. Bryson Walrup

Bryson Walrup 2029 This kid is the real deal. He can score the ball from just about anywhere on the floor and with his long frame he’s a great defender.

3. Sentrell Gray

Sentrell Gray 2029 - IYBE Showcase MVP for the class of 2029. This kid plays the game with a lot of energy. He a strong defender with good ball handling. He can get to the basket and score it. 

4. Kingston Weatherspoon

Kingston Weatherspoon 2029 He is one of the hardest working players in his class. He’s a big guard that is extremely skilled for his age. He can score it out of the triple threat and off the dribble. 

5. Drake Gensler

Drake Gensler 2029 He is a solid guard with a nice frame for his age. He has good handle and can shoot it really well. He can get to the rim with a good series of moves. This kid has gotten better everytime we see him. 

6. Daniel Ruffin Jr

Daniel Ruffin Jr. 2029 This kids is fearless and one of the most competitive kids in his class. He has a nice jump shot. He drives and finishes strong at the basket. 

7. Kamaree Walker

Kamaree Walker 2029 This kid is fun to watch. Plays hard on both ends of the court. He has good ball handling skills. Can score and he can get his teammates involved.

8. Patrick Ross Jr

Pat Ross Jr 2029 This kid is a skilled PG with an effective handle. He can get in the lane to create and to score.

9. Demere Shorty

Demere Shorty 2029 He’s a tough guard. He plays with a good I.Q. He picks his spot well on the court. He can knock down the jump shot.

10. Rashad Hendon-Kennedy

Rashad Hendon-Kennedy 2029 He is an athletic guard with a ton of potential. He is a tough defender that is very coachable. He likes to get to the basket.

Howard Hill 

Demarion Lewis 

Peyton Beasley

Kelly Patterson 

Anarius Jackson

Massiah Hardimon 

Quentin Matthews

Caden Skaggs

Corey Ivory

Austin Moncton

Jaden Neaville

Jordan Jones

Harmon Hobson 

Jeielez Brown

Deontraye Bennet

Nehemiah Patterson 

Isaiah Morten

Quincy Artis Jr